International Family Law Issues

The firm’s Director, John Hooper, is a dual qualified New Zealand Barrister and Solicitor and also an English Solicitor. He has conducted cases involving not only British Nationals but also New Zealand Nationals, Australian Nationals and Irish Nationals.

Other members of the firm have dealt with international law cases involving EU states and elsewhere.

These types of cases are inevitably more complex than cases that are dealt with solely in England or Wales. Having said that, given the firm’s contacts with expert lawyers in these countries (and beyond) we are able to utilise resources often not available to others. This makes the job less difficult than might otherwise be the case.

John Hooper is also an accredited specialist with Resolution (the Solicitors’ Family Law Association) and one of his areas of expertise is high-value financial disputes which sometimes involve an international element.

It is also important to note that given Britain’s place as head of the Commonwealth – there are mechanisms in place for the enforcement of Commonwealth Orders in this country (and vice versa).

We have enforced English maintenance Orders in places such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada. We have also enforced international Court Orders in this jurisdiction.

We have been instrumental in advising clients about the best way to proceed with a divorce (whether it is in this jurisdiction or elsewhere).

That decision is a critical one because if the wrong decision is made – the consequences for the client can be severe.

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